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If you have pain getting out of bed in the morning? your muscles feel too small for your foot? or you have a burning pain in your heel when walking? This is commonly termed "get up & go" pain.This is most likely plantar fasciitis; an inflammatory irritation of the fascia as it attaches to your heel. It is caused by a sudden spike in walking/running, poor footwear, our biomechanics (how we move), overuse and/or the tightness & weakness of specific muscles in the lower leg.

Physiotherapy treatment typically includes targeted strengthening & flexibility exercises, Shockwave therapy, massage, dry needling & analysis of your movement. This is followed by detailed instruction in less strenuous movement strategies, to reduce the risk of repeat injury. Treatment of the inflamed fascia with Shockwave therapy is vital to stimulate healing & decrease pain in the area. Current studies have shown that Shockwave coupled with a strengthening programme relieves heel pain in up to 85% of cases, which we have seen in outcomes in the clinic. We also give advise on footwear & fit orthotics if necessary. 


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Recently attended the clinic as I was having pain in my back legs and Achilles as a result of running. Had dry needle and shock treatment with Aine and as a result I am back running faster and better. The staff are extremely friendly and welcoming too. Highly recommended.


Eamonn- Dublin


While away on holidays I was wearing very flat sandals & walking lots on the beach, I started getting this awful heel pain after walking & then it was very sore first thing in the morning, then I could hardly walk! My doctor sent me for physio after wks of suffering. Sandycove physiotherapy was fantastic, I was quickly diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, everything was explained to me. They gave me great advice regarding my footwear, stretching & strengthening exercises, along with treating me with dry needling - it really helped the tightness it my calves! I also got Shockwave therapy to the heel & massage with very pleasant chats & encouragement. In a few wks I was skipping down the pier & painfree in the morning. I’m going to keep up my exercises & buy the right shoes in future & hopefully keep skipping. I would highly recommend Sandycove Physio to all my friends & family. Thank you so much!



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