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We know the back connects the nervous system of our entire body, our reactions, our movement and our sensation, all travel back and forth from our backs spinal cord to our brain. So when we feel pain in our back, even from small stretches or tears to our backs muscles or ligaments, it often leads to intense prolonged pain. Back pain is the most common reason in Ireland for people to take time off work. Your Physio is qualified to assess the unique structure of your back and spine, identifying any muscle injury/ imbalance, joint or disc issues which may be the cause of your back pain or any radiating leg pain/ sciatica.


Treatment will consist of relieving techniques such as soft tissue massage, dry needling and nerve glides. While mobilising the joint and restoring the back’s muscle balance. Exercise management is extremely important for a full recovery. Your physio will guide you through a customised exercise program to improve your movement, flexibility and core stability. We work to find the root cause of your back pain, by providing a tailored treatment plan, long term guidance and support. So you can get back to pain-free living.


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I have been coming to Sandycove Physiotherapy Clinic for quite some time now, for various issues my advancing age has introduced me to, joint & back pain from wear & tear over the years, post-operative rehab, radiating leg pain & the treatment I have received from Gillian Cooney & the whole team has been wonderful, starting with the lovely warm welcome at reception & the sense of calmness in the place.
I have been recommending Sandycove Physiotherapy Clinic to so many of my friends & family who know how superbly I am being looked after, when they complain of soreness in backs, muscular issues, joints & vestibular balance issues.
All have commented back to me on what a good idea the recommendation was.
I feel good & am back to pain-free living!

-Grim Michel, Sandycove

I was so relieved and thankful to discover Sandycove Physiotherapy Clinic in seeking help for long term back injuries. I was almost losing hope this being the 4th physiotherapy practitioners I had attended since the accident. I received a personalised solution focused approach that included dry needling, massage techniques and exercises for both immediate and long term relief. I am so grateful all the staff, Áine and Julianne for their deep understanding and caring approach.

-Natalie 33, living with back pain post RTA

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