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A little known cure for headache 

Does your head feel like you’re wearing a tight swimming cap or u are in  a tight vice grip. Roughly 3/4 of us experience tension headaches, for many of us the pain is severe. Tension headaches are caused by tightness in the muscles and fascia of the neck and head along with tightness in the cervical spine. Sadly it's not common knowledge that tension headaches can be treated easily.

We work on mobilising the joints of the cervical spine, using targeted massage to relieve the neural tension, curing the cause of tension headaches. We also release the muscles of the neck with dry needling and soft tissue massage myofascial techniques. Additionally, hot and cold therapy and relaxation techniques relieve stress to achieve long term healing from headache. Alongside an exercise program to strengthen and stabilise the deep neck flexors to improve your posture and stability and your range of motion. At Sandycove physiotherapy we love treating necks & headaches and get excellent results for our patients.


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Superbly professional and thorough practice in lovely surrounds. Handy on street parking and flexible treatment times. Great equipment and the staff are extremely knowledgeable in their fields. I always recommend my friends to go here for a wide variety of treatments. I rate both the Acupuncture and Physio services as top notch. Keep up the good work!

- K  Mulcahy

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