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Ankle Pain & Instability

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Do you have difficulty walking on uneven terrain? Do you keep going over on your ankle? Have poor balance? and swelling at the end of the day? Each time you go over on your ankle, it causes more damage and pain to the structures around your ankle joint. It is very important to assess your ankle joint, its current capabilities & load tolerance. Physio treatment usually consists of mobilisations, shockwave therapy and massage to restore scar tissue in the ankle ligament. Alongside a specific exercise program to mobilise & strenghten the ankle along with activating the muscles and improving your proprioception (balance) to stop you going over on your ankle. We also look at your bio-mechanics, providing guidance on how to adapt your movement to develop strength, balance and resilience to injury.

We focus on assisting & speeding up the healing process, while always providing individualised exercises to support the body's healing and strength. Our philosophy is embedded in our practice as physiotherapists, to treat all pain with a focus on the development of your body's long term health and resilience to injury.


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I had strained ligaments in my ankle. Steven sorted me out and got me on my feet and back to exercising. The exercises he gave me were very doable, not too taxing and yet sorted my problem.


Barbara- Sandycove

Would highly recommend Sandycove Physiotherapy. I went to see Áine with an ankle injury and I had a great experience. The dry needling and shock therapy treatments are great. Áine is an excellent physio and very welcoming. She gave me lots of helpful advice on exercises and stretches.

Justine- Dublin


I went over on my ankle & told it was only a sprain & not to worry about it. Months later I was still having trouble, it was very sore after walking, I couldn’t wear high heels & dancing made it very sore & swollen as did standing for a while. I went to Sandycove physio by recommendation of a friend & was delighted I did. They were so professional & instantly started working on breaking down the scar tissue with this Shockwave machine & their magic hands! Within 4 sessions I was back dancing, walking & wearing my favourite high heels with no difficulty. I had some exercises to do at home, as my balance was really bad which improved greatly & now my ankle feels stronger than ever. Thank you for getting me back to all the things I love in such pleasant surroundings & in such a short time!


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