Pre & Post Surgical Care

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Pre & Post Surgical Care

If you are having a joint replacement or surgical repair in the near future prehabilitation exercise therapy is very important for preparing the anatomical structures around the area for surgery to assist in a quicker rehabilitation and recovery.

Post surgery rehabilitation is very important. Most common rehabilitation pathways we specialise in are rehabilitation and full recovery post Rotator cuff surgery, ACL surgical repair, Total knee and hip replacement, Reverse shoulder replacement, Achilles surgical repair, Fracture ie after wrist, ankle, hip fracture with surgical repair. We collaborate with your surgeon to promote effective treatment and recovery, helping you get the most from your surgery and getting you back to normal life and/or sporting activities as quickly as possible.

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I have been attending Sandycove Physio for the past year with knee problems. From the moment I arrived I was put at ease in a lovely friendly environment with fantastic staff using up-to-date techniques you do not find in all clinics. Julianne has looked after me so well both pre and post total knee replacement last April and then prepared me for my second knee surgery three weeks ago. I know I went into both surgeries in a much fitter condition because of Julianne's great work and support. I am looking forward to continuing my sessions with Julianne next week and highly recommend this clinic and it's wonderful staff