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Having completed a BSc in Sports and Performance Science, Finn Hartmann graduated from the University City Dublin with an honours degree in Physiotherapy, 2018. He then proceeded to work in Premier League Football with AFC Bournemouth, UK. It was here that Finn gained a broad spectrum of athletic rehab, team and patient-centred care. After returning to Ireland, Finn pursued his first role in private practice, alongside team cover for the League of Ireland Football and Trinity College Dublin Rugby. 


Finn has developed experience working with post-operative patients (ranging from Total Knee Replacements to Shoulder Arthroscopies), and day to day musculoskeletal and work-related conditions. 


His central treatment ethos encapsulates hands-on manual therapy, deep tissue release & dry needling combined with appropriate rehab through exercise. 


Finn has a passion for putting his own beliefs into practice in the gym, as well as being a keen soccer & tennis player.

Finn Hartmann

BSc Physiotherapy, UCD, and BSc Health and Performance Science, UCD. CORU registered and a member of the ISCP. Qualified with Dry Needling, Dry Needling Ireland.


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