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With Dr Baylor Hogan


Doctor of Physiotherapy, BSc. Kinesiology, Chartered Physiotherapist, Geriatric Certified Specialist,

LSVT BIG Certified Clinician


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Physiotherapy is an important step in the recovery of function and mobility after a stroke. As no two strokes are the same, it is vital to receive individualized care. Persistent problems that may occur after a stroke include muscle weakness or paralysis, poor balance and coordination, pain, decreased sensation, fatigue, and cognitive changes.


The rehabilitation process will be different for each person and vary based on severity of the stroke. It is important to receive physiotherapy treatment after a stroke, regardless of severity, in order to restore as much physical function as possible. Even individuals after a mild stroke will benefit from physiotherapy treatment to decrease risk of falling and maintain an active lifestyle.

Our specialized clinicians are trained to offer evidence-based physiotherapy to address: 

  • Balance and coordination

  • Walking

  • Assistive device training 

  • Strength and flexibility

  • Fatigue and reduced endurance 

  • Risk of falling

  • Activities of daily living 

  • Caregiver training 


Our mission is to help those who have suffered from a stroke to restore function and improve their quality of life through physiotherapy treatment. 


Dr Baylor Hogan

MSc (Distinct), BSc (hons), MMACP, MCSP, MISCP, GSR, NASM CPT Clinical Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist.


Baylor graduated from Chapman University, California with a BSc. in Kinesiology in 2016. She continued on at Chapman to complete her Doctorate in Physiotherapy in 2019. During this time, she trained at a variety of private practices and hospitals including the Neuro-Trauma Institute at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center. One of the United States’ most advance rehabilitation hospitals. 

Baylor specializes in the treatment of vestibular disorders, concussions, balance impairments, and neurological conditions including Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and MS. She is one of 14 LSVT BIG certified physiotherapists in Ireland for the treatment of persons with Parkinson’s disease. 


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