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Shoulder Pain Relief

The shoulder joint is one of the most mobile & frequently injured parts of our body. Shoulder injuries result in pain & restriction around the area which can greatly limit our day to day life. Making activities like participating in sport, getting dressed, working at a computer, sleeping, walking the dog, or heavy lifting a struggle, even sleeping can start to be affected. A range of factors and conditions can contribute to pain in the shoulder. The most common being rotator cuff tendinopathy, arthritis, torn cartilage or AC shoulder joint strain.

Our physios are qualified to provide an individual assessment of your shoulder. They will assess where the point of pain /restriction is originating from, check damage to tissue, muscle imbalance and joint mobility. Identifying the precise factors contributing to shoulder pain and the most effective method to provide long term relief from shoulder pain. Treatment will likely consist of  mobilising the joint, massage therapy, trigger point release/dry needling, shockwave along with flexibility & strengthening exercises to restore movement, strength & better mechanics to your shoulder.

Our management & treatment approach is always individulised and person specific, depending on your goals for recovery. Our philosophy is embedded in our practice as physiotherapists, to treat all pain with a focus the development of your body's long term health and resilience to injury.


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Finally relief from the pain and discomfort in my knotted shoulder muscle. Aine performed a dry needling session, and there was immediate relief following the treatment. Bi-annual maintenance continues to keep the muscle supple, and pain free. Highly recommend Sandycove Physiotherapy.

Searon, 44, sea swimmer

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