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Neurological Physiotherapy 

Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathy, Headaches & Concussion Rehab

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If you or a family member have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathy or Headaches. Our physios have years of experience working with neurological conditions, alongside consultant neurologists throughout the country. Including our work with Professor Niall Tubridy, the consultant neurologist at St Vincent’s hospital. We understand the huge impact a condition can have. Yet physio treatment, advice and care can work to minimise the impact and contribute to the management of your neurological condition on a day to day basis.

At Sandycove Physiotherapy we help reduce and manage the impact of neurological conditions through releasing tight, sore muscles and fascia, using specialised pain relieving techniques. We also apply electrical muscle stimulation, to strengthen weak muscles. Most importantly we prescribe individualised exercise programmes that will help you maintain your range of motion, posture, muscle strength and stability.

Rehab after Concussion

A Concussion is the effect of a mild traumatic brain injury which results in potential bruising of the brain and resultant vestibular symptoms. Dizziness, nausea, headache and imbalance are very common symptoms that persist after a concussion injury. Any potential concussion injury should be assessed by your GP or Consultant to see whether any further medical imagining is required. Most severe symptoms should dissipate in the first two weeks after injury. It is very important in the early stages of injury to complete a SCAT assessment and have a graded return to activity/sport rehab pathway designed by your physiotherapist.

As vestibular symptoms are the most common lingering effects after a concussion, the team in Sandycove Physiotherapy are expertly placed in guiding your recovery and return to full health after a concussion injury. We have specialised physiotherapy programmes to resolve your persistent headache/ dizziness/ fogginess/ nausea or imbalance to bring you back to your activity or sporting levels.


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For Accurate Diagnosis & Effective Treatment 


I was referred to Aine for treatment by my GP, who had recognised my symptoms as possibly being vestibular migraine. I had recurring headaches, fuzziness, tiredness and general fatigue. Aine took some time with me and diagnosed vestibular migraine. She advised a course of treatment which was self managed. Thankfully my symptoms have stopped after 3-4 weeks. I would highly recommend Aine and the treatment has made a massive difference to me.

Justine- Dublin

Two years ago I developed a tremor in my arm.  It was the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease.  In those early months I had severe pain across my shoulders and down my arm. 


I decided to consult Aine about the Parkinson’s Disease. She explained that she couldn’t stop the tremor but that she could do much to relieve the pain. So during the last 18 months I have been having physiotherapy treatment every 4 to 6 weeks.  I have no pain for the last year and the regular treatment relaxes all my tense muscles and I have had no headaches since.  My tremor is still there of course, but I am able to do everything as before and Aine’s physiotherapy is maintaining my abilities and has eliminated pain.

If any of my family or friends developed Parkinson’s Disease, I would encourage them to go to see Aine and have a chat with her about how to maintain their abilities by having regular physiotherapy treatment.

Noreen- Dublin

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