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  • Because of your problem are you afraid to leave your home

  • without having someone accompany you? 

  • Have you been embarrassed in front of others? 

  • Do quick movements of your head increase your problem? 

  • Is it difficult for you to concentrate?

  • Has your problem placed stress on your relationship

  • with family, friends & work colleagues? 

  • If you have answered yes to any of these questions.

Vertigo/ Dizziness/ Spinning are symptoms of Neuritis, BPPV, Labyrinthitis, PPPD or Concussion. Vertigo/ Dizziness can be treated by Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT), its techniques are highly effective for almost all individuals with vertigo/ dizziness. VRT is designed to improve balance, minimize falls and decrease dizziness by restoring vestibular function and promoting the mechanisms of central adaptation and compensation. Thus relieving one's symptoms of vertigo/ dizziness.

Our therapists are trained to custom design patient-motivated home-based exercise routines, increasing vestibular ocular accuracy, decreasing motion sensitivity and improving your balance. Exercises are graduated, beginning at the minimal level of difficulty, with complexity being increased as vestibular compensation and habituation occur and symptoms of vertigo/ dizziness decrease. 


Patients have regular follow up visits until optimal balance is achieved, and symptoms of dizziness/ vertigo have resolved. Providing a tailored treatment plan, guidance, and support ensures our patients can overcome vertigo/dizziness for the long term.  VRT is a very specialized area in Physiotherapy management that has been practiced in Sandycove Physiotherapy for almost 20 years. Aine and the team regularly have referrals for this treatment from Neurologist, Consultants and GP’s


Is Vestibular Rehab appropriate for you?

  • Does looking up increase your problem?

  • Because of your problem do you feel frustrated?

  • Does walking down the aisle of a supermarket increase your problem?

  • Because of your problem do you have difficulty getting in & out of bed?

  • Does your problem significantly restrict your participation in social 

  • activities, like going out to dinner, to the movies, dancing or to parties?

  • Do you have difficulty reading? 

  • Does sporting activities, dancing household chores increase your problem?


Vestibular Rehabilitation Can Help You

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.. Or Call Us

For Accurate Diagnosis & Effective Treatment 

Good morning, I want to say a big "Thank you" to Sandycove Physiotherapy for there care and thoroughness recently when I attended for treatment with vertigo.I now feel better than before I had the vertigo! Sarah at reception was very kind and I really appreciated her helpfulness.I sincerely hope I don't get vertigo again but am recommending Sandycove Physiotherapy to all!

Edel O'Carroll


I  went to Sandycove Physio after I  was diagnosed with vertigo by my doctor.  I had been dizzy & had constant nausea for about 10 wks.  I was afraid of falling & had stopped going out. I was scared in busy places  & felt very tired  & nauseous being out & about with my kids. It was really getting me down & almost impossible to be a mum & housewife When I went to Sandycove Physio, I felt understood & more they knew what was wrong with me. The therapist was very knowledgable & explained my problem very clearly to me. She gave me balance & eye exercises which were difficult to do at first but as I did them, my symptoms became less & less. I got great encouragement & within a few wks, I had very little symptoms & started getting my life back. 

Adrienne,  44, Mum of 3 &  health care provider

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