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 Leg pain can be caused my a multitude of  factors including irritated nerve tissue, referred joint pain from the back or hip and possible muscle/ tendon pain. Though a range of factors and conditions contribute to leg pain, at Sandycove Physiotherapy our clinicians are trained to diagnose the precise cause of your leg pain. Whether the pain is caused by an impingement from the sciatic nerve, bursitis or arthritis in the hip joint. We will quickly identify the cause of your leg pain and provide both hands-on care and guidance on building back strength and resilience to further injury in your leg.


Our therapists will check damage to tissue, muscle imbalance and joint mobility, identifying the precise factors contributing to your leg pain and the most effective method to recovery. Treatment will likely consist of mobilising the joints and restoring muscle balance with a specific care\ exercise plan to both correct and strengthen muscle form in the leg. While treating tissue damage in the leg with shockwave therapy, and any muscle knots with targeted massage and dry needling.


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For Accurate Diagnosis & Effective Treatment 


Stephen diagnosed my very painful knee issues and drew up treatment plan with speed, accuracy and an excellent end result.
Thanks Stephen!

Ann- Sandycove

I injured my thigh muscle really badly, after lockdown I went back full speed !!
I was really frustrated not being able to play. I went to Sandycove Physio for help.
I had dry needling & massage to release my muscle, which worked really well & fast.
I worked with Stephen on an exercise program to regain my strength & confidence. I also got a good stretching program which I’m finding really helpful post training. Overall I was very well taken care of & the treatment helped massively. Now I feel fast & strong again.
Thank you Aine & Stephen for all your help.
I highly recommend

Louie Roche- Avid Footballer & Under 18 Irish Golf Champion

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