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Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a skilled specific hands on technique to spinal & extremity joints to assess, treat injury & dysfunction. At Sandycove Physiotherapy we use a lot of hands on techniques. Your therapist will use her hands to assess what joints are restricted and what muscles are tight. Using our expertise to loosen the joints, stretch the muscles and release the fascia. By applying hands on care our physiotherapists not only understand your pain, but can detect imbalances, and distress in your body. Making sure the exact cause of your pain is treated. 


Manual therapy can involve, assisted stretches, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, mobilisations of the joints & tissue. Manual Therapy is used for the purpose of modulating pain, increasing movement, inducing relaxation, reducing inflammation, improving contractile & non contractile tissue repair, facilitating movement & improving function.


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I went here following learning an important lesson in life that a 34yr old man should not go to a trampoline park! I've been in a lot of pain and nothing was working. A lovely physio called Gill soon went to work on my back and finished the session with some needling and after just 1 session I felt like a new man. Great service and given with a smile and really relaxing environment. Very much looking forward to my next session.


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