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Exercise Therapy

Exercise prescription is an important phase in optimizing normal function, relieving symptoms & preventing further injury. Exercises can focus on flexibility, strength, balance & core stability. Each program is individually designed & progressed to tailor each client specific needs. Basic muscle strength is required for joint control during simple daily tasks & activities. The tasks you require strengthening for pre-determines the specific exercises that will help you achieve your goals. In addition to strength which involves power, endurance & speed of the contraction, the timing & balance of muscle contractions are very important. 

To get our body to move less strenuously, we can’t just exercise our muscles. We also have to train them into balance. Often one muscle within our back or arm, is tighter or weaker than its companion muscles. At Sandycove physiotherapy we can assess muscles, to identify which are tight, weak, inactive or unstable.


By prescribing customised exercise programs to work on these muscles, we can regain balance in the whole muscle area. By strengthening and stretching the right muscle, the whole group muscles performance improves. This gives you more endurance and more power for the tennis court, the rugby pitch, or day to day life. While enabling the limb or muscle area to gain the balance, strength and flexibility to reduce the chance of further injury.


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I have been going to Gillian for nearly a year on and off. She has an understanding of what you are going through with injury. I did damage to my glut from the mini marathon and after a few weeks I went to Gill. She gave me great exercises to help strengthen my lower back and hip area, Dry needling and Shockwave therapy. In a few months I was back running. Gill is a Pilates teacher and does classes on a Monday. I totally would recommend giving it a go. 


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