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Arm/forearm pain can be caused by damage to the nerves, joints, ligaments, tendons, or pain radiating out from the neck. It is very notable with activities that involve gripping or a twisting motion; such as playing sports (tennis elbow), working on a keyboard, writing & manual labour. You will also notice grip strength is reduced & easily irritated. A range of factors and conditions contribute to arm pain. At Sandycove Physiotherapy our clinicians are trained to diagnose the precise cause of your arms pain and will quickly identify whether the pain is caused by a nerve impingement from the neck, tennis/golfers elbow, tendonitis or frozen shoulder.

Your physio will assess the joint & nerve mobility along with the muscle tightness & imbalance, identifying the precise factors contributing to your arms pain and the most effective method to recovery. Treatment will likely consist of mobilising the joints and restoring muscle balance and strength. While treating tissue damage in the arm with shockwave therapy, and any muscle knots with targeted massage, dry needling and taping.


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I attended Sandycove Physiotherapy with what turned out to be tennis elbow after not being able to play for many months. After treatment with shockwave therapy and stretching & strengthening exercises I was back on the court in no time. Not only am I delighted that the issue was dealt with in such a professional manner and with amazing results but since the underlying cause of the problem was addressed I am confident that I will be able to continue to play tennis for many more years to come. Thank you so much! I would highly recommend Sandycove Physiotherapy Clinic to any of my fellow players.


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