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Managing Arthritis

Osteoarthritis/ wear & tear of the joints affects 

1 million Irish people of all ages, Arthritis is a painful and debilitating condition affecting one's quality of life and day to day activity.


As there is no cure for arthritis, for years Physio has been helping people manage arthritis and minimise its effect on their life. Our physiotherapist can help you understand your arthritic condition, working to decrease your pain, restore full movement and facilitate postural correction. We will teach you how to support your joints, strengthen the muscles surrounding your joints and help relieve the pain of arthritis. Pain relieving techniques for arthritis include hot and cold therapy, non-strenuous resting techniques and site-specific massage. Arthritis is effectively treated with shockwave therapy, through its ability to decrease your pain. New studies show Shockwave Therapy increases cartilage production in sites treated. This improves joint surfaces, delaying further damage and returning you to pain-free movement.

Sometimes our joints are too worn to be treated, at Sandycove physiotherapy we can also prepare you for surgery when it is necessary for you to replace a joint. We also provide rehab post-surgery, working very closely with your surgeon to ensure you get the best results from your surgery.

The charity, Versus Arthritis provides in-depth reading 

As do, the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists


.. Or Call Us

For Accurate Diagnosis & Effective Treatment 


Sandycove Physiotherapy Clinic is an oasis of calm. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the staff are very professional. I have been attending the clinic for several years for various complaints and can vouch for the wonderful treatment I have received. I attribute the fact that I am upright and mobile at this stage of my life to the great care and attention I have received at the clinic! My adult children have attended with their many and various sports injuries, all with good outcomes. I have recommended Aine and her team to any of my friends who complain of pulled muscles, creaking joints, etc.

Isobel , 70, living with arthritis

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