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Ben is an incredibly qualified physiotherapist gaining Honours in his BA in Sports Science and Health from Dublin City University and Honours in his master's degree in Physiotherapy from University College Dublin.

Ben is passionate about a hands-on approach to releasing muscles and treating injuries. He combines traditional manual therapy with the most up-to-date exercise & rehabilitation programs. Delivering well-rounded treatment programs targeting both the prevention and resolution of symptoms. 

Ben works with all sports people, he has a very keen eye and a mechanical brain to analyse your movement and muscle function. By doing this Ben can analyse what weakness or muscular tightness may be causing your injury or limiting your performance. Ben is the physio you need to see if you want to up your game and improve your performance.

Ben provides comprehensive rehabilitation programs to return sports people of all ages to peak performance and health. He uses incredible manual therapy techniques to release muscular tension/knots, joint stiffness, and limited movement, thus reducing pain, increasing range of motion & improving muscle function.

Ben is also a qualified Pilates instructor and is passionate about using Pilates and exercise to maintain independence and reduce the likelihood of re-injury.

On a personal level outside of physiotherapy, he has a passion for sports including Gaelic football, hurling and is a keen golfer.

Ben McCormack

MISCP, CORU Registered Chartered Physiotherapist, MSc Hons Physiotherapy, BA Sports Science Hons

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