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Breathing techniques to combat Long-Covid and begin restrengthening our body

If you continue to have symptoms post Covid such as trouble breathing - physiotherapy can help you. Our Physiotherapists are trained in respiratory therapy. Often we are not breathing correctly & deeply enough. A lesson with your physio will help you to achieve a good breathing technique. If you continue to have phlegm & a chesty cough - physiotherapy can show you techniques on how to shift this phlegm in the best most efficient way not leaving you tired or with a prolonged chest infection.

Post-Covid your fitness & stamina levels can be greatly affected along with muscle & strength loss. Your muscles & joints may feel stiff & sore. You may feel that you do not know where to start. Physiotherapy can help relieve pain in your joints & muscles then help you effectively strengthen your muscles & body in a controlled graded manner getting you back to fitness & good health.

If your balance is affected & you don’t feel as steady on your feet as you would like to - physiotherapy can help you regain good balance by giving you the correct exercises to strengthen & reactivate your balance reactions. Your confidence may be affected - especially as you have not been out & about much. Feeling unsteady, weak & with decreased stamina, we can easily give up & think this it. If you feel like this please see a Physio. We have helped many people get back to their previous fitness & even fitter than before.

We will assess what level you are at and what difficulties you are having. Helping you to work on your muscles & joints that are giving you trouble. We will strengthen your muscles & reactions in a controlled gentle manner. Giving you a specialised graded exercise program that will strengthen your muscles & body gradually & effectively.

We also have a gym at the clinic where we can work with you on increasing your stamina, your walking technique & strengthening your muscles using resistance & weights. We look forward to helping you recover fully & get back to your previous activity levels. Spring is almost here.

If you've developed a poor sleeping pattern and are fatigued - this can all be relieved with good guidance in exercise & relaxation. As your strength & stamina improve your fatigue will also decrease. Physical activity can help you to sleep better. Finding the right balance between rest, relaxation & activity is key to a good recovery. Our physiotherapist can guide you to finding the right routine for you.

We will assess what you can do & from there design a specialised exercise program to stimulate & strengthen your body, working with you individually to motivate you & get your confidence & love for life back again. We have many people return to their normal activities fitter & faster than before. Give us a call today & let’s get you back on your feet.

Healthy wishes,


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